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MEN'S SPEEDO'S (Now Shipping shipping NEW FSII )
Speedo mens fastskin fsii jammer - $
Speedo mens fastskin fsii legskin- $
Speedo mens fastskin fsii hi-neck kneeskin- $
Speedo mens fsii backstroke hi-neck bodyskin- $
Speedo mens fastskin fsii hi-neck bodyskin- $
Speedo mens fastskin fsii full bodyskin- $
Speedo mens fast skin brief- $
Speedo men's aquablade brief - $
Speedo men's aquablade jammer - $

WOMEN'S SPEEDO'S ( Now shipping NEW FSII )
Speedo fastskin fsii recordbreaker - $
Speedo fast skin fsii recordbreaker kneeskin - $
Speedo fast-skin fsii high neck kneeskin - $
Speedo fast skin fsii recordbreaker bodyskin - $
Speedo fast-skin fsii back stroke high neck bodyskin - $
Speedo fast-skin fsii high neck bodyskin - $
Speedo fast skin fsii full bodyskin - $
Speedo aquablade recordbreaker suit - $
Speedo aquablade recordbreaker kneeskin - $

Speedo Fastskin Watches Speedo Fastskin Watches for men and women

Technological advancements have caused competitive swimming to become incredibly expensive, especially for families with more than one swimmer!

Our goal at Swim-Faster.com is to help every competitive swimmer achieve success without breaking the bank.

We offer links competition swimming  wear with savings to the swimmer by finding the lowest prices possible on TYR and SPEEDO performance swimwear.


Are you looking for a fast racing swimsuit or swimwear for your next big competition?  These swim suits just might help you get that extra bit of speed you crave to shave a few tenths of a second off of your next race.

The newest Speedo Fastskin FSII swimsuits for men and women in Jammer, Legskin, Kneeskin, Backstroke, Recordbreaker and Full Body Suit styles are shipping now . . .

men's fastskin fsi full bodyskin. . . the Faskskin's biomimetic design surface mimics the rough shark denticles to reduce drag along key areas of the body.  The characteristics of the fabric improve shape retention and increase muscle compression to reduce vibration and retain muscle shape to reduce fatigue and power loss.  Athlete passive drag tests show full body FAST SKIN is 7.5%* faster than all other suits tested.  Fabric tests show FAST-SKIN has a 3% lower surface resistance than the Speedo Aquablade.  The V-shaped denticle print of the fabric allows the body to slip through the water more smoothly.  FLEXSKIN is a women's fastskin fsii full bodyskinsmooth surface material allows greater flexibility and less drag.  Just like the shark’s skin, Fastskin and Flexskin were positioned to accommodate the changing flow conditions along the swimmer’s body to create the most advanced and lowest drag racing swimwear in the world to date.  It is the most technically advanced swimwear ever made.  FASTSKIN FSII is the ultimate swimsuit !!!

The Men's Speedo Aquablade Briefs and Jammers . . .

The Women's Speedo Aquablade Recordbreakers . . .

. . . are constructed for speed and comfort from a unique aqua blade fabric that offers lower drag co-efficient and is slicker than your own skin!  Its striped design create channeling effect to streamline water away from your body.  The superior chlorine resistant fabric used to build Aquablade features longer legs for added coverage and compression fit.


TYR Aquapel Swimsuit features:

  • High Velocity Design

  • Compression biomechanics

  • Turbulence reduction

TYR fuses three breakthrough technologies to create the revolutionary new racing TYR Aquapel swim suit, truly a quantum leap in swimsuit engineering !!

Men's TYR Aquapel - Women's TYR Aquapel

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